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Conquer Risks Using the TAME Framework

Risk Management

Learn to manage and conquer risks with a TAME framework – Transfer, Accept, Mitigate, and Eliminate.

Keep Risks In Check Through Regular Monitoring

Risk Management

Regularly use tools like the Probability, Impact Matrix, and NIST Framework to effectively manage risk.

Define & Measure Risk to Improve Business Performance

Risk Management

Identify and assess risks to mitigate potential threats to your organization and build effective risk management.

Accelerate ERP and P2P Onboarding with Graphite


Graphite streamlines supplier onboarding & validation, integrates with ERP & P2P systems, and automates risk management.

Manage Your Tail Spend to Control Costs & Boost Efficiency

Manage Your Tail Spend to Control Costs & Boost Efficiency

Spend Management

Identify, categorize, and allocate suppliers to streamline procurement processes, control costs, and boost efficiency.

How Graphite Creates Golden Supplier Records


Graphite transforms your procurement with its secure network, automated supplier data management, and less stress.

How to Ensure Security When Adopting New Technology


The procurement process should define business needs, schedule technology reviews, and approve with contingencies.

Think of Security as a Main Ingredient, Not the Icing

Think of Security as a Main Ingredient, Not the Icing


Prioritize security in procurement by partnering with IT and security, creating policies, and establishing workflows.

Updating Banking Information with Graphite


Graphite helps businesses identify suppliers with accounts in closed banks and expedite banking information updates.

Is your Supplier Information Management Creating a Bottleneck?


Streamline your supplier information management processes and save time with proactive strategies and automation.

Supplier Information Management

Getting one step ahead in supplier information management


Move your procurement team from reactive to proactive, increase visibility, and streamline supplier management.

5 Core Performance Criteria Every Scorecard Should Include

Supplier Management

Supplier Performance Reviews should use key suppliers, simple measures, and consistent processes to track performance.

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