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Track and Manage Risk with Ease.

Graphite equips your team with tools to identify and mitigate risk quickly. Automatically score supplier profiles, trigger pre-built risk remediation workflows, and monitor suppliers to prevent and resolve risk.

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Hassle-free risk management.

Managing supplier risk is an intricate and demanding process requiring intense focus and resources. Individually validating and evaluating suppliers, collecting security certificates, creating remediation strategies, and monitoring suppliers can become a significant task for procurement teams. 

Graphite gives your team the tools to maintain a robust risk management process with significantly fewer resources and less time.

Automated Supplier Validation

Graphite validates critical supplier data like tax ID, banking information, and sanctions checks. Sanctions checks are repeated every 90 days, and other data is validated if a supplier ever makes a change.
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Two-party Verification

To mitigate fraud, two unique profile administrators must authorize changes to critical data before Graphite accepts those changes.

Action Plans

Build corrective action plans that automatically launch on pre-defined security criteria. Trigger reminders, alerts, messages, and tasks within your team and with suppliers to respond immediately to new threats.

Automatic Risk Scores

Graphite evaluates and scores supplier questionnaire responses based on teams’ metrics. If a supplier’s risk score exceeds a threshold, Graphite triggers a risk review and alerts the relevant team members.
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Graphite Document Management

Store supplier documentation and contracts in a central location for easy reference. Graphite automatically notifies suppliers when their certifications are about to expire to ensure certificates are always active.

Pluralsight takes on supplier risk with Graphite.

Before Graphite, Pluralsight collected only basic supplier information, and that data was managed manually, leaving few resources to strengthen and expand their supplier evaluation process.

Implementing Graphite has made life easier for stakeholders at Pluralsight by validating and centralizing supplier data, as well as automatically evaluating supplier risk.

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Connie Michalak
Purchasing Coordinator, HealthEquity

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