RFP Response

Decrease RFP Response Time by as Much as 70%.

In a competitive market, every edge you can get matters. Once you’ve created your Graphite profile with your organization’s critical information, answering an RFP will be as simple as a few clicks.

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Faster RFP Responses

Jumpstart your RFP process by creating a supplier profile within Graphite Connect that’s visible to qualified buyers. Easily update your information at any time, so a company looking for your products or services can quickly narrow its search and find you.

Faster RFP responses

Central RFP Repository

Imagine only having to answer questionnaires and submit required documentation once! The Graphite network offers a central, secure storage place where you can quickly update and manage your own data including sensitive documents for a quicker, cleaner RFP process. 

Central RFP repository

Secure data sharing

Easily create your company profile and share it with any buyer connection across the Graphite network. Graphite uses open, two-way API communication, empowering procurement teams to quickly and securely share information with companies inside or outside of the network.

Secure data-sharing
Mikolka Morrill
Head of Sales Engineering at Momentive

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Graphite Connect saves you time and ensures you’ve provided all the information necessary for a fair evaluation. An advanced network architecture helps you eliminate tedious redundancies, ensure data accuracy, and increase your visibility to buyers. Request a demo today to see for yourself everything that Graphite can do.

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