Automate Supplier Data Validation

Save Valuable Time with Automated Supplier Validation.

With Graphite’s automated supplier validation, you can skip the back-and-forth emails and cut the time spent each year on validations by hundreds of hours.

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Manage data faster than ever before.

Validating supplier data is challenging for any business; waiting for supplier responses can take weeks or even months. Eliminate that wasted time with Graphite’s automated supplier validation.

Graphite validates supplier banking info, tax ID, and other critical commercial data. By automating validations with Graphite, teams can reclaim valuable time to focus on other projects while maintaining data integrity and preventing fraud.

Automated supplier validation

New Supplier Validations

Graphite validates critical supplier data like tax ID, banking, and sanctions checks before bringing a supplier into the network.
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90-day Sanctions Rescreens

Every 90 days, Graphite checks all suppliers against OFAC and debarred sanctions lists to ensure compliance.

Two-party Verification

To mitigate fraud, two unique profile administrators must authorize changes to critical data before Graphite accepts those changes.

Updated Data Rescreens

Whenever a supplier updates critical data in their profile, Graphite validates that data to ensure accuracy and prevent fraud.

Global Tax/Banking Validation

Graphite validates suppliers around the world. Wherever a supplier may be, Graphite validates the tax and banking information corresponding to their country.
Casey's saves time with automated supplier validation

Casey’s saves hundreds of hours a week with Graphite validations.

With suppliers spread across multiple industries, including food, IT, transportation, construction, and fuel, supplier data validation was more than the Casey’s team could take on. With Graphite’s automated supplier validation, the Casey’s team saves hundreds of hours a week that they can use to work on other vital projects.

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Hilary Hoffman
Sr. Procurement Analyst, Casey’s General Stores

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