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Graphite provides collaboration and transparency into all ongoing procurement projects for stakeholders and suppliers alike. Easily coordinate with internal stakeholders on their assigned tasks, follow up with suppliers on pending actions, and stay synced with InfoSec and Data Privacy teams to keep procurement projects running smoothly.

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Collaboration at its finest.

Collaborating during supplier onboarding can be tricky. Communication can get buried in inboxes, limited visibility requires follow-ups, and tasks regularly get lost in the shuffle, leading to slowdowns and frustrations.

With Graphite, you can work seamlessly with internal team members, suppliers, and stakeholders all in one place.

In-app Communication

Graphite’s in-app communication enables teams to communicate seamlessly. Use direct messages, tasks, and reminders to notify team members or follow up on tasks.

Workflow Visibility

Track onboarding progress in a central workflow so all internal teams and stakeholders can see precisely where a project is, eliminating confusion.

Action Plans

Build action plans that automatically launch pre-defined workflows. Trigger reminders, alerts, messages, and tasks within your team, with InfoSec/Data Security teams, and with suppliers.
Ben Hewett
Manager, UX Research and Strategy, Allied Solutions

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