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Dramatically improve supplier onboarding speed with Graphite Connect. Shorten supplier response times, quickly evaluate supplier risk and other topics, and seamlessly sync data to your ERP.

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Onboarding at the speed of business.

As business continues to move faster and faster, procurement is often left in the dust. Increased risk and due diligence topics, slow supplier communication, and tedious data management leave teams scrambling to keep up. 

With supplier-managed data, automated supplier validation and risk assessments, and a direct ERP integration, Graphite Connect equips teams with the tools needed to address critical slowdowns experienced throughout supplier onboarding.

Automated Supplier Validation

Graphite validates critical supplier data like tax ID, banking information, and sanctions checks. Sanctions checks are repeated every 90 days, and other data is validated if a supplier ever makes a change.
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Supplier-managed Profiles

Suppliers maintain a single onboarding profile containing critical tax and bank data, along with all their questionnaire responses. This profile is then shared with customers during onboarding to simplify the data collection process.
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Automated Risk and Due Diligence

Graphite automatically scores suppliers based on teams’ criteria, giving them an immediate assessment. If a supplier’s score exceeds a risk threshold, Graphite triggers a risk review and alerts the appropriate team members.
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Third-party Data Integrations

Graphite connects with your third-party data suppliers, enabling you to centralize supplier data to one place for easy viewing and supplier evaluation.
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Direct ERP Connection

Graphite syncs vendor master tables with supplier profiles, erasing duplicates and maintaining accurate supplier data across ERPs and critical systems. Profile updates are automatically shared with connected systems, ensuring up-to-date records.
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HealthEquity reduces supplier onboarding time by 70% with Graphite.

Prior to implementing Graphite, HealthEquity’s supplier onboarding process was complex and disorganized. Their supplier onboarding process was fragmented, with limited visibility and poor risk management. 

With Graphite, HealthEquity was able to automate risk and due diligence assessments, resulting in a more unified and efficient process, reducing lead times significantly and enabling better decision-making across procurement, risk, compliance, legal, and finance teams.

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Commodity Manager, Intel

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