Supplier Relationship Management

Bring Out the Best in Your Suppliers.

Leverage your suppliers’ Graphite profiles to store important documents, track performance, and kick off action plans for low-performers in your supply chain. Graphite Connect will help your procurement team get the most of your spend and identify those suppliers that simply aren’t a good fit.

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Mass communication

Send out group communications to your supply chain from within Graphite to request new or additional information, and more. Graphite Connect makes it easy to stay in touch with your supply chain at the touch of a button.

Mass Communication

Contract management

Store and manage all of your contracts and important documents in a single location within Graphite Connect, the same place where you track your suppliers’ data and performance.

Contract management

Manage supplier performance

Track supplier performance based on the criteria that matter most to you within the Graphite platform to ensure you’re getting the most value out of your spend.

Manage supplier performance

Corrective action plans

Suppliers don’t always perform as expected. Automatically kick off action plans within Graphite Connect to remediate poor performance and help your supply chain get back on track.

Corrective action plans
Danielle Salyers
2nd Vice President of Strategic Sourcing at Allied Solutions

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Graphite Connect simplifies the way your team manages procurement. An advanced network architecture helps you to eliminate tedious redundancies, mitigate risk, and increase the impact of your team. Request a demo today to see the full power of Graphite for yourself.

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