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Risk & Due Diligence

Risk is part of any business, so plan accordingly.

With third-party data validations and risk assessment tools built right into Graphite Connect, your procurement team will never be in the dark again. Automated risk assessments and remediation plans help to keep your supply chain on track and moving smoothly.

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Automated data validation.

With third-party data integrations and a team of data validation experts, you can be confident that your supplier information is accurate and verified. Graphite Connect reduces the risk associated with outdated, inaccurate data.

Automated Data Validations

Risk score visibility.

Keep your team apprised of any threats your organization is exposed to with visibility into your suppliers’ risk scores from within their Graphite profiles. Simply establish your unique risk criteria in Graphite and we’ll do the rest.

Risk score visibility

Risk assessments.

Visibility into your suppliers’ risk scores within Graphite means your team can easily perform risk assessments and due diligence tasks that add stability to your supply chain.

Risk assessments

Risk remediation.

With pre-set remediation plans built into Graphite Connect, your team will be notified when a supplier crosses your acceptable risk threshold. Kick off risk remediation plans by assigning tasks to team members and notifying your supplier of any changes that are required in order to keep doing business.

Risk remediation

Third-party data integrations.

Integrations with our trusted partners or your current providers supplements your supplier-provided data with third-party analysis and insights.

Third-party data integrations

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Graphite Connect simplifies the way your team manages procurement. An advanced network architecture helps you to eliminate tedious redundancies, mitigate risk, and increase the impact of your team. Request a demo today to see the full power of Graphite for yourself.

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