Prevent Bank Fraud

Simple, Powerful Bank Fraud Protection.

With automated supplier data validation, two-factor authentication, and dual authorization, Graphite protects your company from fraudulent banking information entering your payment systems.

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Secure bank fraud protection.

Bank fraud is a serious issue today. Bad actors can access and change sensitive supplier banking data, both from within and outside of the company. Without proper protection, fraudulent data can enter your ERP and payment systems, sometimes resulting in millions of dollars lost.

Graphite’s fraud prevention practices give you peace of mind so you can spend less time worrying about fraud and more time focusing on building your company.

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Prevent bank fraud

New Supplier Validations

Graphite validates critical supplier data like tax ID, banking, and sanctions checks before bringing a supplier into the network.
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Two-party Verification

To mitigate fraud, two unique profile administrators must authorize changes to critical data before Graphite accepts those changes.

Updated Data Rescreens

Whenever a supplier updates critical data in their profile, Graphite validates that data to ensure accuracy and prevent fraud.

Graphite Document Management

Store supplier tax and banking documentation in a central location for easy reference. Graphite automatically notifies suppliers when documents are about to expire to ensure they’re renewed on time.

Global Tax/Banking Validation

Graphite validates suppliers around the world. Wherever a supplier may be, Graphite validates the tax and banking information corresponding to their country.
Hilary Hoffman
Sr. Procurement Analyst, Casey’s General Stores

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