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With Graphite, create custom workflows to guide requesters to the right channel every time. Build and maintain stakeholder trust with fast turnaround times and an easy-to-navigate purchasing process.

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Less work, better spend management.

Managing spend can be tough; many teams’ procurement solutions make it difficult to keep pace with the rest of the business. Slow procurement solutions, if left unchecked, can frustrate stakeholders and lead to rogue spend.

Graphite’s accelerated onboarding experience, paired with a centralized intake portal and customizable purchasing workflows, gives teams the power to centralize spend and strengthen stakeholder relationships without loss of control.

Guided Intake

Guide stakeholders with custom, logic-based workflows to eliminate confusion and ensure success. When a request is complete, Graphite automatically triggers tasks and workflows to notify your team.

Accelerated Onboarding

Graphite enables you to fulfill purchase requests quickly, so stakeholders remain confident in your team’s turnaround times and you can build trust for future purchasing projects.

Preferred Supplier Promotion

Guide purchase requesters to existing and preferred suppliers, reducing tail spend and decreasing project turnaround times.

One Central Purchasing Portal

Create a central platform for purchasing requests, simplifying the purchasing process and increasing your team’s ability to process requests.

New Supplier Opportunities

Invite potential suppliers to share their information as you prepare for a purchase, or let the best suppliers find you by creating a portal where they can submit their info for future projects.
Connie Michalak
Purchasing Coordinator, HealthEquity

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