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The Illicit Industry of the Dark Web: A Hidden Economy of Data Theft, Ransom, and Fraud


The dark web, a concealed portion of the internet accessible only through specific browsers like Tor, has earned a notorious reputation as a hub for illicit activities. Among these, the theft of data, ransom demands, sale of credentials, and fraud […]

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The RFP Bidding Process Explained: A Guide to Success

RFP Response

Have you struggled to secure a contract or find the right supplier for a project? The Request for Proposal (RFP) process can be convoluted and time-consuming, but it equips organizations to locate, vet, and hire appropriate suppliers.   At Graphite, we […]

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Vendor Onboarding: Best Practices for Onboarding New Suppliers in 2024


Vendor onboarding is critical for any organization that relies on outside parties to provide goods and services. Proper onboarding ensures that new suppliers are effectively integrated into the company’s systems and processes; without it, you risk running into problems maintaining […]

Efficient Supplier Onboarding

How to Develop an Efficient Supplier Onboarding Process


Easy steps for building an efficient supplier onboarding process to maximize supplier value and build a thriving strategic sourcing program.

Grow Procurement's Influence

Grow Procurement’s Impact: How to Win Trust & Influence Stakeholders


Change any negative perceptions in your organization and earn increased involvement in deals.

Shorten Supplier Onboarding Times

Shorten Your Supplier Onboarding Process with Simpler Questionnaires

Supplier Management

Learn how your business can save time and shorten supplier onboarding times by eliminating manual processes and simplifying supplier questionnaires.

Streamline Procurement

Streamline Procurement with Smart Supplier Management

Supplier Management

With a strategic approach, procurement teams can build a strong supplier base, which will improve business performance and offer a long-term competitive advantage.

Tame Tail Spend to Unleash Cost Savings

Tail Spend

Learn to manage tail spend for cost savings and efficiency with Graphite.

Unlock Hidden Value with Preferred Suppliers

Unlock Deeper Value with Preferred Suppliers

Supplier Management

Leverage preferred suppliers to improve efficiency and better manage spend.

The Importance of Supplier Experience Management

Supplier Management

Embrace Supplier-Centric Procurement for Success

Risks - Graphite Connect

Keep Supplier Risk In Check Through Regular Monitoring

Risk Management

Regularly use tools like the Probability, Impact Matrix, and NIST Framework to effectively manage risk.

Build a Solid Case for Procurement Transformation


Tips, metrics, and leadership insights for building a case for procurement transformation.

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