Supplier Onboarding

Onboard Suppliers in Minutes, not Months.

Supplier onboarding doesn’t have to be painful. With Graphite, accelerate your supplier onboarding process, eliminate manual data entry, and provide your team with trusted, accurate & actionable supplier data.

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Promote Your Preferred Suppliers

Sometimes, the best supplier onboarding is no onboarding at all. Graphite creates a single portal to process new supplier requests that will promote existing and preferred suppliers, eliminating new supplier requests before they even begin.

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Streamlined Supplier Onboarding Surveys

When you need to onboard a new supplier, eliminate manual data entry by allowing suppliers to create and (safely) edit their own records. Onboard suppliers without the back-and-forth, the emails, the spreadsheets, or the headache.

Shared Supplier Profiles

Graphite works like a social network; when a supplier creates a profile, they can instantly share it with any of their customers. Many of your suppliers already exist in our network, so connecting is as easy as a few clicks.

Graphite Validates all the Commercial Data

All supplier data is authenticated and validated with Graphite, creating a ‘golden record’ of accurate supplier data for your procurement team. Supplier bank data change fraud is stopped in its tracks with Graphite’s multi-factor authentication and automated controls and approvals.

ERP Integration

Graphite becomes the ‘source of truth’ for your various systems of record. With Graphite’s proven connectors with all major ERPs, Graphite ensures that ERP and P2P data is kept up-to-date, actionable, and de-duplicated.

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End-to-End Visibility

Managing onboarding tasks can be just as difficult for internal stakeholders as it is for procurement teams. With process visibility built directly into Graphite, keep your stakeholders involved and informed throughout the entire process.

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Ready to Accelerate Onboarding?

Graphite simplifies the way your team manages onboarding. An advanced network architecture helps you to eliminate tedious redundancies, mitigate risk, and increase the impact of your team.

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