Built for Procurement by Procurement.

As a buyer or a supplier for your company, you manage plenty of external partnerships. You spend time making connections, filling out surveys, assessing risk, and closing deals—often relying on multiple programs and manual processes to do so.

We get it.

We are experienced


With over 35 years in the procurement space, we know that regulatory compliance, particularly when it comes to your suppliers, is a constant concern.

Our founders created Graphite to address those risks and streamline the entire data management and procurement process so it’s quicker, easier, and more secure for buyers and suppliers to connect.

Discover for yourself how Graphite Connect can help turbo-charge your procurement and onboarding.

We are Customer Centric


No matter how many suppliers you work with, we can help you streamline your entire onboarding process from point A to Z. Our experienced customer success team is here to help you tap into a vast supplier network and manage your partnerships with ease.

Our Executive Team

Graphite Connect
Conrad Smith
Chief Executive Officer
Graphite Connect
Aaron Oyler
Chief Product Officer
Graphite Connect
Laura Florence
Director of Customer Success
Graphite Connect
Mike Nelson
VP of Technology
Graphite Connect
Jacob Sohn
VP of Sales

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