JUN 06 2022 Press Events

Graphite on the Road

With conferences back in full swing, so is our team. We’ve already attended a few great conferences and had a blast meeting so many new people. Conrad Smith, our CEO, has been on the panel circuit giving talks about how Graphite can transform the way businesses do business. 

Are you and your teams starting to return to conferences? If so you’ll be sure to find us with our unmistakable pit crew shirts and racing getup. So whether it’s just to say “hi” or if you’d like to discuss how Graphite can rev up your procurement processes, take a look at our upcoming schedule of conferences that we’ll be attending and come find us:

Utah Procurement LeadersUtahJune 8
World Procurement Congress, LondonLondonJune 14-15
Procurecon ITBostonJuly 18-19
ProcureCon EastOrlandoSept 12-14
Netsuite SuiteWorldLas VegasSept 27-30
Forge EngageLas VegasNov 2-3