MAY 24 2024 Press Events

Graphite Connect to join the Hackett Group Webinar

Date: June 19, 2024

Time: 9:00 am MDT

We are excited to announce the Hackett Group and Graphite Connect webinar. Join industry experts for an upcoming webinar exploring innovative strategies to optimize procurement processes while maintaining robust security. In this insightful session, participants will discover:

  • How automation can revolutionize supplier onboarding, saving time and resources – learn from real-world success stories and best practices.
  • The power of The Hackett Group’s benchmarks and insights to help organizations drive better performance and adapt to evolving industry trends.
  • The role of cutting-edge technology in enabling faster and mroe secure procurement operations through seamless integrations and advanced analytics.
  • Strategies to address potenital risks, ensure compliance and maintain stringent security measurements in a rapidly changing business environment.

Register now to gain valuable, actionable insights and practical tips on transforming your procurement function for the future. By adopting a proactive approach to digital transformation and embracing advanced tools, organizations can achieve significant improvements in procurement performance while mitigating risks and ensuring a secure operational environment. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from industry leaders and stay ahead of the curve in the world of procurement.

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Empowering Procurement with Speed and Security – Insights from Hackett Group and Graphite Connect