JUN 03 2022 Press Partnership

Graphite Connect and Procurement Foundry Announce Strategic Partnership

Graphite Connect and Procurement Foundry are excited to announce a strategic partnership combining Graphite’s in-depth experience and knowledge in procurement technology with the Foundry’s online global community where procurement and supply chain professionals come together to collaborate and exchange ideas.

With technology, and especially automation playing an increasingly critical role in procurement, companies realize they need to accelerate development of digital solutions to stay competitive. The Graphite-Procurement Foundry partnership brings together years of experience and deep-seated knowledge in all things procurement to an online global community where peers can collaborate and innovate to solve challenges they face in the industry. 

From peer-to-peer introduction services, impromptu Q&A discussions, in-person networking events, and webinars with insights into the latest industry trends, the Foundry offers extensive ways for its community to engage and network. In addition, dozens of discussion channels host interactive, searchable chat threads on every industry topic. Graphite Connect will have its very own channel where community members can connect.

“When the Procurement Foundry came up as a real-time networking opportunity that you can jump into to get answers and feedback about an RFP or a supplier or whatever you’re dealing with, I thought that’s genius. We can help each other with problems,” said Conrad Smith, CEO of Graphite Connect. “The way the Procurement Foundry is structured everyone can come in and participate for free. I don’t think there’s anything out there right now that helps procurement people be better and smarter about their jobs than what the Foundry is giving everyone for free.”

Exciting trends in procurement

While Walmart and other giant companies in the top 2% have a wealth of resources and automation capabilities available to them, it doesn’t work that way for smaller businesses. Everyone else is still working with spreadsheets and sending emails. 

“Why is automation an asset only available to the mega giant, rich companies? It should be available to everybody,” said Smith. “I think it’s from lack of a connected network that gives us a trusted place to do—at an affordable level—the kind of automation that these big companies have been doing for years now. That’s what is most exciting. We’re within a decade or so of some really cool breakthroughs in automation, in procurement, and in B2B generally.”

Mike Cadieux of Procurement Foundry said, “I’m really excited about the investment in what I’m calling “buy-tech” space and seeing all the innovation that’s coming in. It’s long overdue.”  

By connecting the Foundry’s community of 5,900 procurement and supply chain professionals with Graphite’s next-gen technology and expertise, this collaboration empowers procurement teams, stakeholders, and suppliers with the know-how and skills to address the needs of the industry in this new buy-tech landscape.

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