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Shrink Your RFP Response Time & Win More Contracts

Are you looking for solutions to optimize your RFP development process, especially when facing challenges like limited resources?

According to research, just writing a single RFP takes an estimated 24 hours. And company size makes a difference. For example, companies with fewer than 100 employees take an average 15+ hours to write an RFP, while firms with more than 10,000 employees take up to 35 hours.

What Exactly Is an RFP?

A Request for Proposal (RFP) is a formal document intended to solicit proposals from vendors for a specific project. An effective RFP clearly defines the project requirements, including the deliverables, timelines, and cost expectations for both parties involved.

The challenge is, most RFPs represent a time-consuming workload for you as a vendor, and there’s no guarantee after putting in all that time and effort that you’ll win the business.

Imagine you only had to answer the standard RFP questions and submit the required document once. What if you had software that could leverage your answers from past vendor RFP questionnaires you’ve completed to automatically populate your the next RFP you submit ?

Graphite can help.

Answer RFP Questions Once, Share Endlessly

Graphite makes it easy for companies to answer the next RFP as it comes up. To get started, simply create a free Graphite profile for your company. Then, once you’ve answered the questions about your business and uploaded the necessary documents, you’ll be able to quickly match the information stored in your profile with the questions from the next RFP waiting in your inbox.

Share Profile - Graphite Connect

After answering questions about your company, products and services, tax information, and more, just click on the link to the left to share your profile with prospective buyer businesses.

You’ll save hours because you won’t be answering the same questions repeatedly. All necessary information and documentation will be securely stored and ready when needed. Then, with just one click, you can effortlessly share your profile with as many prospects as required. 

Search Past Questionnaires to Auto-Populate Your Next RFP

Make responding to your next RFP easier when you leverage Graphite Responder to extract the information in your Graphite profile. Once you’ve created your profile, Responder allows you to search past questionnaires to fill out the next request for the proposal you’re answering. With this free feature, you can build a library of responses using templates from your previously completed RFPs.

Graphite Responder - Graphite Connect

Simply type in the question to search for the response in previous RFPs you’ve completed. Once you’ve matched the question with the answer you’re looking for, simply click to paste it into the new RFP template you’re filling out.

The best part? Graphite Responder is FREE.

What Are the Benefits of Graphite Responder?

Faster RFP responses

Jumpstart your RFP process by creating a supplier profile within Graphite that’s visible to qualified buyer organizations. Graphite Responder takes the data and background information stored in your Graphite profile and applies it to the request template, making your RFP response process as easy as a few clicks.

Central storage hub for a streamlined RFP process

No more chasing down your sales team and other employees or combing through old documents to find the information you need to answer an RFP. Instead, the Graphite network offers a central, secure storage hub where potential suppliers can manage their own data and upload sensitive documents for a quicker, cleaner RFP process. Everyone on your team can easily review the RFP requirements, project scope, timeline, and selection criteria in order to write a high-quality final proposal that wins your company the contract.

Secure data-sharing puts you in front of the right companies

Easily share your company profile with thousands of prospective customers across the Graphite network. Open, two-way API communication makes it easy for your procurement team to quickly and securely share information with companies inside or outside the network. You can update your information anytime, so any organization searching for your products or services can quickly narrow its final selection to find you. 

Simplify Your RFP Response Process with Graphite

When ready, Graphite Responder can help you speed up your RFP responses without tapping already stretched resources. You’ll quickly reduce the time spent digging through old RFPs to find the correct response. You will be connected with a vast network of buyers looking for what your company offers and have access to a central network to organize, store, and share your data and documents. 

By taking advantage of Responder, you’ll streamline your entire RFP process and ensure more consistent, accurate responses and a more well-written RFP across the board. In addition, you’ll gain greater transparency into your process and discover what works and what you can do better. As a result, you’ll be able to respond to more RFPs and win more contracts, ultimately saving time to work on more complex projects and repeatedly proving your expertise and value to the business.

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