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Quick Guide to Supplier Offboarding

What happens when you run a report and see your company hasn’t used a particular supplier in a few years? It’s time to deactivate the account or offboard that supplier. Offboarding removes access to your systems, data, and infrastructure when terminating a contract.

Most companies today don’t properly offboard suppliers with whom they no longer engage. This opens your organization to unnecessary risk by leaving suppliers with access to sensitive information that can result in data breaches, compliance violations, and more.

Creating a documented process that you can uniformly apply across your business ensures those suppliers you no longer work with are properly offboarded. Use this checklist to help you take the right steps to secure and close the relationship:

Offboarding Checklist

Communication Is Key

Throughout the offboarding process, be sure to communicate with your stakeholders. Everyone should be on the same page and sharing documentation of the different conversations taking place so there are no legal repercussions to what you’re doing, especially when contracts are in place. Then create a plan for transitioning to a new supplier.

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