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Complete Onboarding Questionnaires Faster than Ever

Supplier vetting is a top concern for your customers. And rightly so. But do you ever feel like constantly waist deep in onboarding questionnaires, each one asking the exact same questions as the previous one? Frustrating, isn’t it?

What if you only had to answer those questions once and then could easily (and securely) share that data with as many businesses as you wanted? Imagine being able to connect with thousands of buyers looking for your products or services. 

Consider this: The right network can help you cut back on redundant onboarding questionnaires and keep your business running at top speed.

Benefits of a central network

Consider these 5 benefits of joining a network built specifically for buyers and suppliers:


Connect with more buyers in less time. Take the legwork out of finding good business partners. In a central network, the information is all right there in one place. The best network will allow you to discover opportunities to work with companies that are looking for what you sell. It enables you to create a business profile once for your company, then save and share it over and over again—safely and securely.


Answer once, share many times. Move from managing multiple emails and spreadsheets to a single business profile that you can share as many times as you want. Find a network where you answer standard supplier questions to build your profile and then can share endlessly with thousands of connected buyers looking for your products or services.


Get down to business quicker. Once you’ve created a company profile, connecting with additional customers should be fast and simple. Look for a network that will validate key data, including your TIN, W-9/W-8, OFAC, bank routing and more. That way, you’ll save time and money just by joining the network.


Be discovered by thousands of companies. Be visible to potential buyers looking for your services and products across the network. Consider a network that restricts confidential company details like tax and banking information only to customers you allow to see those details


Take control of your own data. Select a network that allows you to be in charge of your own data—one where you can manage and update your company profile. Most importantly, look for one where you can choose which of your customers have access to sensitive information like tax and bank data.

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