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Diversity is vital to your business.
It promotes equality and brings in new ideas and growth.
The Graphite Connect network was built to make it easier for you to connect with diverse suppliers.

Supplier Diversity - Graphite Connect
Baseline Reporting
Supplier Diversity - Graphite Connect
Advocacy Program Connections
Supplier Diversity - Graphite Connect
New Supplier Opportunities
Supplier Diversity - Graphite Connect
Supplier Vetting

Create an equal playing field.

Lay the foundation for your corporate diversity program and offer diverse suppliers an opportunity to win the contract.

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Gain greater visibility and control.

Achieve the transparency you need to better audit and manage your supplier connections in a single location.

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Connect with qualified suppliers.

Publish and share opportunities in an open and inclusive network to find the right suppliers for your business.

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Are you a chamber or diverse advocacy group?


Connect with sponsor corporations and diverse suppliers looking for your resources, certifications, and network.


Build and nurture your sponsorship and small business programs.

Free for the DEI community

Did you know that chambers, advocacy, and corporate diversity groups can use the Graphite network for free?

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