MAR 12 2024 Press Events

Graphite Connect to Sponsor at Americas Procurement Congress 2024

Date: March 25-28th

Location: Miami, FL

We are an Insight Partner for Procurement Leader’s  Americas Procurement Congress event in Miami from March 25-27th! 

Tracey Ruff, VP of P2P at Paramount, will join Conrad Smith, CEO and co-founder of Graphite, onstage on Tuesday, March 26th, at 2:35 p.m.

About the Event

Empowering the Region Through Innovation. The world has faced unprecedented challenges and multiple shocks. As economic and societal headwinds continue to have an acute effect, the looming question is, ‘How do we get the next six years right’? We are on the cusp of a new age! But to get it right, we need a plan; we need innovation to accelerate progress, to propel the function, and come together to deliver on the promises of Horizon 2030! The Americas Procurement Congress 2024 is a now-or-never moment! Join us and be part of the conversation that will shape the future of procurement.

About the Session

 Learn about Paramount’s transformative Journey of replacing a manual, inefficient supplier onboarding process with Graphite Connect. Tracey will showcase the solutions that reduced time and cost and dramatically improved satisfaction, outlining the challenges of legacy systems and strained supplier relationships the team faced.

Find Us At: Booth 5 in the Atrium

Our solution harnesses the safety and efficiency of an F1 pitstop to transform your procurement processes. Stop by to meet your new Graphite PIT crew:

1. Experience the Speed of Graphite.

Frictionless data validations allow for a 70% reduction in Supplier onboarding times.

2. Level-up: Risk Management & Due Diligence

Automated risk assessments, Third-party data integrations, and remediation plans keep your supply chain on track.

3. Race our F1 Simulator

Take a turn around the Las Vegas Strip on the official GP circuit and enter to win the grand prize.

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Americas Procurement Congress 2024 Registration