Expand your company’s Supplier Diversity Program

Graphite provides a two-sided network that simplifies the way buyers and diverse suppliers connect and transact with each other. Making it easier for you to build your diverse supplier network.

Discover a diverse network

Build your diverse supplier community network based on what your business is looking for. Openly post opportunities to an entire online community where diverse suppliers can apply.

Your Compnay: Add or Search for a supplier.

One of a kind Program management

Let Graphite help you build and manage your various Diverse Supplier lists so you can provide visibility across your entire organization to include diverse suppliers early in the selection process. Take advantage of Graphites integrated opportunities and innovative matchmaking

The Graphite Supplier Diversity Ecosystem

Automated Matchmaking

Benefits of graphiteConnect:

Saves time and effort
Provides access to clean data
Updates info continuously
Securely manages all data in one location
Acts as a lead generation tool
Expands networking opportunities
Verifies certifications and notifies before expiration
Connects corporations and small businesses (suppliers)

Open the door to innovation

Diversity opens the door to new perspectives and ideas. As a result, your business will benefit from a higher level of innovation and creative problem-solving.

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