RFx and sales solutions

Fill out RFx and surveys faster than ever.
graphiteResponder searches your past questionnaires to fill out new ones. It gets smarter with every question, and takes 5 minutes to set up. No friction, just answers.
Step 1
Download Excel Add-in.
Open Excel, go to the Insert tab and click "Get Add-ins". Search for graphiteResponder in the store. Either create a profile or login and you're ready to go.
Step 2
Upload past questionnaires.
Build your library of responses using previously completed RFx. Responder can use all of your past questionnaires, surveys, and RFx, so don’t hold back. Files can be combined to make uploading easier.
Step 3
Answer questions, automatically.
Open the new survey, click on the first question, and watch our AI/ML and NLP do the work of completing the survey for you.
Common questions
It works with all Excel files, but does it work with portals?
Yes, there is a web version that allows you to input questions for Responder to answer. You can then copy those answers from Responder into the portal you’re working in.
How much does graphiteResponder cost?
Responder will always be free for individual users. If you’d like to combine your answers or manage questionnaires as a team, or have admin privileges, there is a small license fee.
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