Platform security

We are security driven.
As a tech company we understand the importance of information security. That’s why we are compliant to Payment Card Industry (PCI) information security standards. Keep your business growing while avoiding fraud and security risks.
Data encryption
We use 256-bit encryption technology to protect your personal and company account information when you’re using our website or apps. Your data is encrypted at all times, including in transit and at rest.
Two-factor authentication
Banking and Tax information is restricted to permissioned users and they are required to authenticate themselves through text message or email. Know you’re secure with history logs and time-dependent 2FA codes.
SSO and session timeouts
Bring your preferred SSO to our product and know that your information is secure. If you’re signed in and not using graphiteConnect for 30 minutes, your session will time out.
Identity management
We use a combination of the country you do business in and your Tax ID to prevent fraud and ensure there are no duplicate companies. You’re in control of who you share your Tax ID and data with.
Robust policies
Our corporate code of conduct and privacy policy are structured with one goal in mind: the protection of your data. We treat your confidential information like our own. Please contact us for more details.
Our business practices
We regularly review our business practices to make sure they follow the policies and procedures we created to protect your confidential information. Please contact us for more details.
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