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Graphite Connect - 5 Best Practices
Supplier Management

How to Find Suppliers Willing to Invest in Your Business

NOV 21 2022

Supplier relationships are often several years long, and selecting the wrong supplier will be a costly mistake. Learn how to choose suppliers from the start that are willing to invest in your success.

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Shrink RFP Response Time
RFP Response

Shrink Your RFP Response Time & Win More Contracts

NOV 01 2022

Responding to RFPs is incredibly time-consuming, but it doesn’t have to be. With Graphite, responding to RFPs and connecting with buyers is as simple as a few clicks.

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4 Steps to Streamline your Intake Process

4 steps to streamline your intake process.

OCT 26 2022

If your team’s intake process is long and inefficient, employees may find ways to work around procurement. Learn how to streamline your intake process to solve this problem once and for all.

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Graphite Connect

Procurement Is the Pit Crew for Your Business

OCT 24 2022

Like Formula 1, procurement has undergone countless changes in the pursuit of efficiency and impact. Learn how F1 crews have adapted over the years and how procurement teams can do the same.

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Supplier Onboarding Checklist

Your Step-by-Step Guide to Supplier Onboarding

OCT 13 2022

Onboarding new suppliers doesn’t have to be complicated. Download the supplier onboarding checklist to learn how easy it can be.

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Grow Spend Under Management

3 Tips to grow your spend under management with Graphite

OCT 05 2022

Your intake process doesn’t need to be a bottleneck. Learn how to create an intake system that will grow the spend managed by your procurement team with simple automations made possible in Graphite.

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Procurement in a Changing World Economy
Risk Management

Procurement in a Changing World

OCT 04 2022

Changing trends, new regulation, and unforeseen circumstances are all requiring procurement teams to do things in new ways. Learn how to be agile and adjust to a changing world.

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Grow Procurement's Influence

Grow Procurement’s Influence: How to Win Trust & Influence Stakeholders

OCT 03 2022

Unfortunately, many procurement teams are seen as a bottleneck instead of a valuable resource. Change that perception in your organization to have increased involvement in deals and impact throughout your organization.

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Boost your Bottom Line
Supplier Management

Boost your Bottom Line with Effective Supplier Management

SEP 13 2022

Learn how effective supplier management can boost the effectiveness of your procurement team through selecting the right vendors, negotiating prices and contracts, validating the quality of products or services, and managing relationships.

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Pluralsight Featured Image
Customer Story

Graphite Connect platform streamlines procurement for online technology education company.

SEP 08 2022

Pluralsight had a common problem when it came to supplier data management. Implementing Graphite has made life easier for all stakeholders at the company— validating and centralizing supplier data, increasing value from their supply chain.

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