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Endless Onboarding Surveys - Graphite Connect

Swamped with Endless Onboarding Surveys Asking the Same Questions?

MAR 10 2022 Blog

Supplier vetting is a top concern for your customers. And rightly so. But do you ever feel like you’ve just finished one onboarding survey before the next one is popping up in your inbox? And it’s asking the exact same […]

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Supplier Onboarding - Graphite Connect

3 Ways to Speed Up Supplier Onboarding

MAR 03 2022 Blog Blog

Onboarding a new supplier can be time-consuming. You know the drill. As the buyer, you reach out to a potential partner asking for information. From there, the supplier responds with the required data.  It’s a manual back and forth process […]

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Procurement Team - Graphite Connect

Top 10 Questions Your Procurement Team Should Be Able to Answer

FEB 16 2022 Blog

As a procurement professional, it’s up to you to walk into a conversation armed with meaningful data that offers value and helps stakeholders achieve their overall objectives. Too often, procurement is viewed as a bottleneck in a tangle of corporate […]

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Procurement - Graphite Connect

How to “Right-Size” Procurement to Align with Business Goals

FEB 10 2022 Blog Blog

Do you envision building a “world-class” procurement department? There’s nothing wrong with that. But before doing that, it’s even more important to recognize which stage your business is in—and the needs that you’re supporting. Regardless of the stage—whether start-up, growth, […]

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Procurement Pyramid - Graphite Connect

Use the Procurement Pyramid to Unlock More Opportunities

FEB 03 2022 Blog Procurement

Are you familiar with psychologist Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs? In Maslow’s model, health and safety make up the necessary building blocks at the bottom of the pyramid. By fulfilling those basic needs, you build the stable foundation required to […]

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Supplier Diversity Program - Graphite Connect
Supplier Diversity

5 Easy Steps to Set Up Your Supplier Diversity Program

JAN 27 2022 Supplier Diversity

Diversity and inclusion are hot topics today. This has never been truer for business procurement.  Diversity MattersMore companies are stepping up their game with initiatives that encourage using minority-, women-, veteran-, and LGBTQ+-owned businesses as suppliers. And for good reason. […]

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Onboarding New Suppliers - Graphite Connect
Case Study

HealthEquity Shrinks Lead Time for Onboarding New Suppliers by 70%

JAN 20 2022 Case Study

Background HealthEquity is a Utah-based healthcare benefits and financial services company in the FinTech industry. As part of its risk management efforts, the company must evaluate all suppliers for data privacy and information security compliance.  Challenge When HealthEquity’s supplier base […]

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Graphite Recognition - Graphite Connect

Graphite Recognized as a 2021 Gartner® Cool Vendor for Strategic Sourcing Technology

JAN 14 2022 Blog Uncategorized

Company offers a one-stop procurement management solution on a central network that drives greater efficiency, visibility, and collaboration between buyer and supplier organizations. We’re excited to announce that Graphite, a leading vendor of procurement management software, has been recognized in […]

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