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Boost your Bottom Line
Supplier Management

Boost your Bottom Line with Effective Supplier Management

SEP 13 2022 Blog Supplier Management

Learn how effective supplier management can boost the effectiveness of your procurement team through selecting the right vendors, negotiating prices and contracts, validating the quality of products or services, and managing relationships.

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Pluralsight Featured Image
Customer Story

Graphite Connect platform streamlines procurement for online technology education company.

SEP 08 2022 Customer Story Customer Story

Pluralsight had a common problem when it came to supplier data management. Implementing Graphite has made life easier for all stakeholders at the company— validating and centralizing supplier data, increasing value from their supply chain.

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How to Choose the Right Suppliers

AUG 30 2022 Resource Center Onboarding

It’s important to know your suppliers before you do business with them. Not only do you want to be sure they can provide the products or services you need, but you have to be confident you can trust them with your sensitive data.

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How to Optimize Your Supplier Onboarding Process

AUG 25 2022 Resource Center Onboarding

The speed of business is increasing every day. Too often, however, supplier onboarding becomes a bottleneck to getting business done.

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Procurement’s Evolving Role: Tracking Value Beyond Cost Savings

JUL 13 2022 Resource Center Procurement

The success of a procurement team is dependent on so much more than cost-savings. Instead, success depends upon environmental impact, sustainability, diversity, and so much more— and your team’s goals have to reflect that.

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Risk Management

Intelligent Vendor Risk Management

MAY 27 2022 Resource Center Risk Management

Vendor risk is an essential part of an impactful procurement team, but many don’t know how to design an effective program. Learn how to create the ideal risk mitigation program that aligns with business objectives.

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Endless Onboarding Surveys - Graphite Connect

Swamped with Endless Onboarding Surveys Asking the Same Questions?

MAR 10 2022 Resource Center Onboarding

Responding to onboarding surveys can quickly become burdensome, especially after answering the same questions multiple times. With Graphite, create your profile once and share it many times, saving everyone time and energy.

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Supplier Onboarding - Graphite Connect

3 Ways to Speed Up Supplier Onboarding

MAR 03 2022 Resource Center Onboarding

Supplier onboarding doesn’t have to be a slow process. By centralizing supplier data, validating that data, and automating manual processes, your procurement team will become an indispensable force for business success.

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Procurement Team - Graphite Connect

Top 10 Questions Your Procurement Team Should Be Able to Answer

FEB 16 2022 Resource Center Procurement

Arming your procurement team with accurate and actionable data is the key to success in procurement. With it, even your newest team members will be enabled to make impactful decisions

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Procurement - Graphite Connect

How to “Right-Size” Procurement to Align with Business Goals

FEB 10 2022 Resource Center Procurement

Build a world-class procurement team that is effective at every stage of your organization’s growth stage.

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