JAN 05 2023 Customer Story

Momentive accelerates sales cycle by 30% with Graphite.

How Momentive, maker of SurveyMonkey, saved their business time, money, and shortened their sales cycle with Graphite.


Momentive, formerly known by the name of their flagship product SurveyMonkey, is a platform that offers AI-driven solutions to gaining customer and product feedback. Employing nearly 2,000 people across the globe, Momentive helps business leaders confidently make decisions that will lead them to tangible results.

Momentive’s solutions engineering team comprises 24 individuals, all of whom receive constant requests for security documents from potential customers.

The Challenge

Before working with Graphite, these security documents lived on individuals’ computers, making it each person’s responsibility to update the documents frequently and regularly. However, there was no global process to ensure the documents were updated, resulting in out-of-date documents being shared with prospective customers.

Account executives did not have clearance to access the files themselves, and so had to pass on all requests from potential customers to view those security documents to the sales engineering team. Unfortunately, the sales engineering team had no way of automatically triggering the information to be sent, it all had to be done through individual email threads. They received three to five of these requests every single day, leaving less time for the team to tackle other tasks. 

“What [we] needed was a way for the account executives to do it without giving them direct access to the documents. And that’s where the supplier portal and the document center came into play.”

Mikolka Morrill, Head of Sales Engineering

The Solution

By implementing Graphite, Momentive was able to cut out wasted time and shorten its sales cycle significantly. The sales engineering team simply uploaded the documents to Graphite’s document center on their Graphite profile. There they can centrally update the documents and know with surety the most up-to-date information is being sent out each and every time.

With the documents safely secured on their Graphite profile, account executives can simply share the profile with potential customers. Once customers sign the required NDA, they have immediate access to the information they need to continue with the sale. Account executives can even do this proactively, eliminating the need for customers to request security information from Momentive. 

With a custom integration between Salesforce and Graphite, sharing security documents became a 30-second process for account executives and eliminated 20 to 30 monthly hours of work for the sales engineering team overnight.

The Results

With the implementation of Graphite, Momentive’s sales engineering team could focus their time elsewhere, and account executives were empowered to be proactive in sharing necessary documents, shortening their sales cycle from eight weeks to five to six weeks, and bringing new customers into the business faster than ever.

“We don’t even have to have conversations about [security reviews] anymore. It just happens and it is gone and it is done.”

Mikolka Morrill, Head of Sales Engineering