Accelerate your supplier onboarding by up to 70%

The social network that fixes your onboarding delays,
bad data, and user experience.

Connect with suppliers instantly

Eliminate bottlenecks and easily access all the information you need from supplier-managed profiles.

Graphite Connect is built like a social network; we are the LinkedIn for buyers and suppliers.

Start connection

Centralize and streamline required approvals

Utilize flexible workflows with total visibility for cross-team collaboration.

Stay connected

Avoid surprises and get alerts when supplier information changes and when supplier risk increases.

Verified, safe, secure data

Prevent fraud and payment failures with automated validation and authorization checks.

Accurate supplier data, everywhere

Suppliers are onboarded in Graphite. Data is validated for accuracy and maintained by suppliers. Supplier data feeds into your critical business systems, eliminating duplicate records and bad data.

Less friction, more business.

Graphite Connect’s award winning technology makes exchanging information fast, easy, and secure.

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