Supplier network and data management solutions

Eliminate endless, redundant surveys.
Stop spending hours answering the same survey questions and go from onboarding to invoicing in minutes.
Save time and Money
Answer once, share endlessly.
Supplier vetting and doing business is becoming synonymous, but the pain of onboarding doesn’t have to be. Take the headache out of keeping up with administrative requests. Fill out your business data, from accounts payable to compliance, and share it with as many customers you choose, instantly.
Fast and simple
Turn onboarding into an afterthought.
Onboard in minutes with your sharable profile. Your information is ready to go when you are.
Easy and transparent
The profile is mightier than the email.
With the endless tide of privacy laws and regulations, it’s all too easy to forget to update customers. Share, message, and create reminders all in one place with graphite™Connect.
Common questions
How much does graphite®Connect cost?
graphite®Connect is always free for suppliers. Connect and share your data easily and for free with all your customers.
Can I share my business data with my other customers and clients?
Yes! Our product is designed similarly to how social networks make sharing information easy. With just one click you can share your data with any customer instantly, even if they are not yet on our platform.
Can my purchasing team use graphite®Connect?
Absolutely. In fact, our product is even more powerful when your company’s teams are using the product in tandem.
Can I delegate other business owners to manage portions of our data?
Yes, it’s easy to delegate topics to individuals and teams to enter and update their own data. With minimal effort, you can organize (and maintain) all your company data in one place for quick and easy access and sharing.
Business accelerated.
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