Risk management and compliance solutions

Remediate risk like never before.
Whether your company has a handful or thousands of suppliers, graphite®Connect makes mitigating risk a breeze.
Save time and Money
Focus on what matters most.
Automated reviews assures that all suppliers are assessed, so you can focus on the highest risk to your company. Plus, achieve a greater supplier response rate when your process is integrated with procurement.
Fast and simple
Remove strain from compliance reviews.
Accelerate your risk and compliance reviews with our simple workflow. Ask for line item clarification, build remediation plans, and automate risk classification based on your business rules.
Easy and transparent
Make risk mitigation a part of your company.
Transform business owners into risk management partners with visible risk levels as part of their decision process.
Common questions
What risk areas are included?
graphiteConnect includes robust risk questionnaires, risk reviews, and integrated remediation plans for all of your risk topics. The most typical are governance (ethics), data privacy, information security, labor (including modern slavery/forced labor), FDA, FARS/DFARS, and environmental sustainability.
Does graphiteConnect’s risk mitigation features include remediation plans?
Our integrated Action Plans module allows you to document and assign tasks to your supplier or internal stakeholders. Collaborative features such as in-app messaging, reminders, and business approvals make it easy to manage all outstanding risks and required actions. Suppliers can update and report progress, while supplier managers can effectively track issues to closure.
What reporting capabilities does graphiteConnect have?
Operational reports and task/queue management is core to our application. In addition, graphiteConnect supports full export of data via Excel or API for easy integration with your reporting tools, making it easy to integrate spend reporting with the rich supplier details managed in graphiteConnect.
Can I customize compliance surveys based on my requirements?
Yes, draw from our library of over 1000 industry-standard and peer-reviewed questions. You can create a custom mix from the library and add your own questions as necessary. By adding your companies risk levels, risk scores, and custom risk thresholds, low-risk suppliers are automatically reviewed while highlighting risk considerations for your higher-risk suppliers. Contact our team to see how we can customize this for you.
Does graphiteConnect integrate with my current ERP, SAP, and P2P systems and process?
We’ve built our product with integrations in mind. graphiteConnect allows you to quickly integrate data from 3rd party systems to enhance your own reviews and see everything in one place. The modern API framework also allows you to easily pull data from graphiteConnect into your other systems and processes. Our experienced integration team will work with you to customize a solution based on your requirements.
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