Supplier onboarding and procurement solutions

Do business faster.
Eliminate the frustration of managing your suppliers’ data and simplify your procurement process with graphite®Connect.
Save time and Money
Stop wasting time chasing suppliers.
graphite®Connect's network of shareable company profiles means you can connect and access supplier data in days, not months, with our simple onboarding process.
Fast and simple
Business without the speed bumps.
With our simple but powerful workflow you can expect to get work done quickly and efficiently. Collaborate with your internal teams, from compliance to accounts receivable, through messaging, notes, and reminders.
Easy and transparent
Bring transparency to your procurement.
Watch your suppliers progress through the onboarding steps from start to finish. Avoid losing supplier status in email chains and forgotten follow ups.
Common questions
How long does implementation take?
No complicated setup or professional services required. Companies can begin connecting with existing suppliers immediately. Our experienced customer support team will be with you every step and provide top-notch service to your suppliers. Full implementation will take days or weeks, not months or years.
How much does graphiteConnect cost?
Our base platform is free for everyone, even for your suppliers. This means you can do basic onboarding for an unlimited number of suppliers with no cost. Advanced features are available for an affordable annual fee; markedly lower than other solutions. Talk with our team to learn more about how our pricing works for organizations of any size.
How does graphiteConnect help identify suppliers that will generate the most value?
It is easy to segment your suppliers based on any known detail. In addition to robust tagging capabilities, our platform supports API integration with your ERP systems and third-parties, simplifying search, discovery, and reporting.
How does graphiteConnect enable supplier innovation and ongoing collaboration?
graphiteConnect provides robust collaboration between buyers and suppliers. This includes the collection, review, and processing of supplier and stakeholder recommendations. Don’t lose the opportunity to include supplier innovation as part of your relationship management.
Does graphiteConnect integrate with my current ERP, P2P, and S2P systems and process?
We’ve built our product with integrations in mind. Our public API removes the manual work required to load and update supplier information. It is easy to extract and automatically update key data in your ERP vendor master or other systems. Our experienced integration team will work with you to customize a solution based on your requirements.
Can graphiteConnect help me with Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) and monitor supplier performance?
Yes, our product not only accelerates supplier onboarding but can be also utilized to enhance your entire supplier lifecycle management. Our SRM module supports dynamic stakeholder and supplier surveys to assess performance, and our Action Plans module integrates full corrective action plan activity management and reporting.
How is graphiteConnect supporting sustainability reporting including program commitments?
graphiteConnect provides a robust questionnaire library to gather supplier program information and program results. We also integrate easily with Ecovadis, ScienceBasedTargets, and other 3rd-party tools for a holistic view of your suppliers.
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