About Graphite Systems

Built for procurement by procurement.
With over 35 years of industry experience we understand B2B connections.
Our history
Founded on the idea of making business connections easier.
Frustrated by archaic and costly approaches available today, we had the vision to simplify how companies connect and transact with one another. That’s why we’ve created the first B2B network that lets companies speed up how they do business.
Customer success
Our experienced customer success team is here to help you tap into the power of the network. We promise that no matter how many suppliers you have, we will help you streamline your onboarding from legacy to future connections.
Company and Culture
Built on EPIC foundations.
Graphite Systems was formed around EPIC things: Employees, Products, Innovations, and Customers. We’re aiming to conquer monumental achievements and we know that starts with a culture and company of EPICness.
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